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  • Description:  * Rubbish filled with syringes has been strewn along a dirt road outside of the city causing concerns for health and safety. * Local student Kyrin Licul returned from his year-long exchange trip to Italy a few weeks ago and is now settling back into life in Broken Hill. * The Alma Hotel is getting some life back into its walls as South Broken Hill’s newest resident Scott Smith renovates the old pub, with intentions to feature a new restaurant. * The streets will be a little safer for everyone with the planned establishment of a new kids’ bike safety course at the PCYC. * Broken Hill cricket resumes this weekend and with the majority of games last month abandoned due to the heat, players will be thankful for the milder conditions expected today. * West takes on North at the Alma Oval in A Grade as the sides get back into the groove of 40 over cricket today.
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