Friday 13 September 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Friday 13 September 2019




* R U OK Day was celebrated in the Silver City yesterday and you will find a host of compassionate volunteers on our bee-like photo spread – pages 2 & 19.

* A Broken Hill Alliance working group has been created as an offshoot from the 25in25 committee and their first initiative will be to develop a childcare demand study.

* A former water manager for the Murray-Darling Basin Authority warns we must not forget the original cause of the river demise – over-extraction of water.

* The Broken Heel Festival Community Markets are on this Saturday morning and it’s going to be just a fabulous as the rest of the weekend’s activities.

* Some university students are looking for some Northies to participate in a ‘lead’ study, which would involve testing dust from vacuum cleaner bags.

* Havilah shareholders have voted down a $100m investment into the company.