Friday 4 October 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Friday 4 October 2019




* A resident is warning locals about scammers ringing people in Broken Hill and asking for money.

* Bells Milk Bar staff are getting ready for the rush of orders that will be coming in today as the weather heats up again.

* Hearing Australia is urging Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women of all ages to celebrate the sounds they love by taking time to think about their hearing health.

* An online video which shows an off-duty South Australian police officer throwing rocks at a wombat and killing it is being investigated,

* Budding writers are being invited to gather their thoughts and set them down for the chance of winning a cash prize.

* Nearly every year the Pooncarie Cup meeting is run on the same day as the AFL Grand Final, but not this time, and organisers are expecting a big crowd and pleasant weather tomorrow.