Monday 2 September 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Monday 2 September 2019




* NSW Labor Party leader Jodi McKay will visit Broken Hill this week and meet with local Labor Party members, and others wishing to attend, at the Demo Club on Tuesday evening.

* Police were called to a number of assaults over the weekend, with one person allegedly having been attacked with a carving fork. DETAILS: PAGE 5

* A Menindee Mission 70-year reunion will be held this month for those who lived on the mission, their descendants, and any others interested in attending. DETAILS: PAGE 3

* Greening the Hill Mk2 has been a fruitful initiative for the city, with hordes of locals coming out on Saturday to show their concern for the local environment by collecting their kits at the launch of Backyard Bush Nurseries.

* Latest ABS figures show despite NSW’s strong overall growth, parts of the state have de-populated, including Broken Hill. Since 2012, the Silver City’s population has declined by almost ten per cent.