Monday 27 August 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Monday 27 August 2018




* There were pirates aplenty and many more familiar characters at Broken Hill Public School’s Book Week Parade last Thursday. See front and page 2 for all the glorious photos.

* As the BDT reported last week, the city received $433,359 this month from Create Infrastructure NSW (CINSW) to digitise works from the Regional Art Gallery and GeoCentre. That funding, and local digitisation efforts, have helped inform a state-wide digitisation plan funded by CINSW set to be delivered by MGNSW called Collections and Stories. Full story Page 3.

* A City Council survey has found that Broken Hillites are generally happier than people in other places, but at the same time many were keen to complain online. See front and Page 3 for results of the most recent community satisfaction survey.
* A new gold mine, North Portia Pit, will open next year, pending approval. Details Page 5.

* A new law firm, Redenbach Lee, in Argent Street was opened by Mayor Darriea Turley on Friday.

* Eight charges have been laid by Natural Resources Access Regulator (NRAR) for various offences including water theft. Some of the charges carry a maximum penalty of $1,100,000, with the first cases to be heard in the Land and Environment Court on September 7.