Monday 4 March 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Monday 4 March 2019




* Catch all the action in photos of the river rally in Menindee yesterday. PAGE 2 (and front).

* A truckie on the Sydney road narrowly escapes serious injury when his truck caught fire.

* A wanted man taunts Barrier Police by sharing their Facebook photo of him.

* Shooters, Fishers and Farmers Barwon candidate Roy Butler said he’s proud of his military service and role as a gun club safety officer despite attempts to “smear” about it. FULL STORY: PAGE 5.

* Broken Hill steals the show with ‘Shirl’ float at Sydney’s Mardi Gras on Saturday. FULL STORY: PAGE 3.

* The river might not be running, but the water is, thanks to Darlene and her big heart. STORY: PAGE 5.