Saturday 10 November 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 10 November 2018




* Water restrictions are set to hit Broken Hill, Sunset Strip, Silverton and Menindee on December 1. Essential Water will introduce Level 3 restrictions due to diminishing supply in the Menindee Lakes and reservoirs and the challenges of treating it.

* Petrol prices in Broken Hill have jumped up, on average, 22 cents per litre since March this year. According to RAA figures, this jump in petrol prices since March has added more than $20 a week to fill the tank of a typical family sedan. FULL STORY: PAGE 5.

* A literal ‘shit storm’ hit White Cliffs this week when strong winds blew kangaroo poo throughout the town. Winds reached about 80km/h as they swept the outback, North of Broken Hill, providing few properties with the rains that followed. FULL STORY & PICS: PAGE 3.

* Wilcannia may at long last get a new weir. The federal and state water ministers are due to visit the town on Monday to make an announcement. SEE PAGE 4.
* Local business owners got to meet with board members of the government- backed Jobs for New South Wales on Friday as they discussed funding opportunities for businesses in Broken Hill. DETIALS: PAGE 4.