Saturday 16 May 2020


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 16 May 2020




* Electricity bills have skyrocketed for some in Broken Hill, with one resident receiving a 280 per cent increase from their power provider.

* With the state government’s easing of restrictions having begun yesterday, Broken Hill pubs and clubs with the capacity for in-house dining have said allowing 10 people to be seated in their dining areas at any one time is just too little to allow them to reopen.

* Bells Milk Bar owner Jason King’s long-held dream of owning and operating an ice-cream truck will soon be reality, and his vision for the pleasure icon of yesteryear may just turn out to be a modern-day marvel.

* A co-author of the most comprehensive study of Broken Hill’s efforts to test the blood-lead levels of children says he hopes it will continue because it is a model of its kind.

* The city has been COVID-free for six weeks and the health service is seeing an improvement in flu presentations compared to this time last year.

* Local federal MP and Minister for Regional Services, Mark Coulton, has replied to the complaints about problems with mobile and internet coverage in Wilcannia and White Cliffs.

* Yesterday marked 120 years of the West Football Club and despite the pandemic resulting in a lack of football, the Robins are proud of this anniversary.