Saturday 24 October 2020


Barrier Truth Saturday 24 October 2020




* City Council has regained the expertise of Liz Vines, who has resumed her role as Heritage Advisor.

* “28Eighty” will soon replace the old kiosk at the Broken Hill Airport with a new and improved cafe that will also give South residents a place to dine out.

* A local doctor has volunteered to shave her head to raise funds for breast cancer, with the money going to the local support group.

* Local Anglicans are preparing for All Souls Day, an annual event that commemorates the lives of parishioners who have died.

* The Civic Centre has a new roof at last, after suffering damage in the massive hailstorm of 2016.

* Everyone is invited to have a say on the city’s future at the new pop-up arboretum next to the Regional Art Gallery.

* Southern Cross Care facilities in Broken Hill didn’t let the global pandemic stop them from all the excitement of the show.

* Round 2 of the BDCL A grade competition sees a double header of T20 at the Alma.