Saturday 25 August 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 25 August 2018




*Burke Ward Book Week Parade photos on Page 2 are sure to make your heart smile.

* The Wentworth to Broken Hill Pipeline is set to cross Blende Street today from Garnet Street. The construction is expected to take the whole weekend.

* A 19-year-old motorcyclist was taken to hospital on Wednesday night after he crashed into a sedan in Oxide Street and was sent flying down the road.

* For a second try, City Council is looking to receive $21 million for upgrades to the local airport after lodging an expression of interest to the state government’s Growing Local Economies fund. Council’s General Manager James Roncon said, “GLE is an ongoing fund. Although our initial expression of interest was not successful, a meeting has been requested with GLE to review Council’s submission with a view to resubmitting in future.”