Saturday 25 May 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 25 May 2019




* An RFDS pilot has managed to safely land their plane after the cockpit was illuminated with a ?high- powered green laser? on their way into Broken Hill on Thursday night. Police are still investigating, so if you know anything please contact them or Crimestoppers. DETAILS: PAGE 3

* A spate of thefts in the city has kept Broken Hill police busy over the past two weeks. DETAILS: PAGE 5

* Show us a sign – that was what the people wanted and that is what the people shall get, but is it to their liking? Check out the final design of Broken Hill’s welcome signs on PAGE 4 and some comments taken from the City Council’s Facebook page.

* RFDS plane has been named after a former Broken Hill resident to honour his service to the organisation. STORY: PAGE 5

* Dance students from Joy Baldwin’s School of Dance will be tripping the light fantastic on Sunday at Theatre 44. Details inside, today.

* If you’re a dog lover, head on down to the Memorial Oval this weekend for the Dogs and Dust Championship Show.