Saturday 26 October 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 26 October 2019




* The Silver City Highway from Wentworth to Broken Hill will remain closed over the weekend but it looks like all the horses will make it to the Silver City Cup meeting today.

* Most of Ivanhoe Central School’s 27 students will be climbing on a bus this morning for an eight-day trip to Uluru, which will be a wonderful break for the children in the town which is struggling through drought, and the recent closure of the town’s biggest employer.

* Wind gusts of up to 69 knots per hour, which whipped through the town at about 3am yesterday, brought down trees and residents awoke to an increased humidity level.

* Former local swimming champion, Ellysia Oldsen, who is now being trained at the South Australian Institute of Sport High Performance Program under head coach Peter Bishop, has won her first individual National Open title.

* Broken Hill astronomer Trevor Barry has, for a third time, had his work included in an academic paper published in the prestigious science journal “Nature Astronomy”.