Saturday 28 July 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 28 July 2018




* It will be a Winter Wonderland with masqueraded Westies at the Red and Black Ball tonight. The annual ball will see the Winter’s Night Masquerade come to life with 210 people attending at the West Football Club. Led Affected will be providing all the entertainment with a band and dance music for the whole night.

* Councillors have hit back at fellow Councillor Tom Kennedy who claimed he was being bullied and harassed during City Council meetings. On Wednesday night, Clr Kennedy said he felt harassed by the Mayor during meetings. However, other councillors didn’t believe it’s the case. Councillor Maureen Clark said she believed Clr Kennedy was being disrespectful.

* What is land without water? That’s what Aboriginal Elder Badger Bates had to say on the current water crisis in the region. As part of this, Badger has been collaborating on an extensive exhibition to raise the issue to a national level. ‘Barka: The Forgotten River’ is a collaboration between the Barkindji elder, Justine Muller and the Wilcannia community to save the Darling River, or Barka. The exhibition has been running at the Regional Art Gallery and will finish tomorrow.

* The Nachiappan’s Surgery mural continues to create problems after Councillors voted to ensure the mural wasn’t allowed to remain on the wall at the rear of the surgery. Clr Bob Algate, who voted for the mural to stay, has taken issue with the process “…the owner was invited to submit a DA but was told it probably wouldn’t be approved. “That is unjust. “The person who wrote that was pre-empting what Council’s decision would be, before it was made.”