Saturday 31 August 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 31 August 2019




* A Regional Express flight’s emergency landing at Merimbula Airport in southern NSW was prompted by a right engine mechanical failure rather than an engine fire, the civil aviation regulator has been told.

* Could Broken Hill be getting something on time for a change? Despite locals’ cynicism around delivery of the NBN, the company behind the national broadband network claims the whole project is on track to be completed by June 30 next year. Just in time for a tax rebate, perhaps?

* The beauty of Far West New South Wales has been wonderfully captured, by 272 entrants, in this year’s Life and Light in the Western Region Photo Competition, which announced its award winners earlier this month. PICS: PAGE 2

* Engineers will host a public gathering at the Junction Hotel on Monday evening where they will hear about the opportunities, through technology, for people on the Autism spectrum, and also celebrate the publication of Engineers Australia’s book ‘Wonders Never Cease’, which lists 100 Australian Engineering achievements. DETAILS: PAGE 4

* If you can’t get to any of the AFL matches today, tune in to your community radio station. For the first time in many years, local football will be broadcast live, with radio station 107.7 2DRY FM setting up for two guest hosts to call both the league Preliminary and Grand Final games. MORE DETAILS: BACK PAGE