Saturday 29 December 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 31 December 2018




* Dead and dying corellas were found at Sturt Park on Thursday night and one local group suspects it could be due to the heat and lack of water. * As the heatwave continues the RSPCA has provided some simple tips to encourage local pet owners to cool down their furry companions. * Havilah Resources has retracted statements made on social media about an iron ore find near Broken Hill.

* The 80-gigalitre drought reserve proposed for the Menindee Lakes was unrealistic because it would last only six months, according to local graziers.

* It’s often said that the worst of circumstances brings out the best in the community and that is the case for young sportsman Judd Carpenter. * As a veteran at the South Cricket Club, Jason Harvey has seen his fair share of ups and downs but the form of the side this season gives him plenty of hope.