Saturday 6 February 2021


Barrier Truth Saturday 6 February 2021




* The response from the NSW Health system over the state of regional hospitals has fallen flat, according to the Barwon MP.

* A red alert warning for blue-green algae has been issued by Water NSW for the Lower Darling River.

* The lower Darling River and residents need to be made a priority by the government; Broken Hill’s mayor has said.

* Council meetings will move back to face to face at the end of this month.

* The Federal Government has invited community pharmacies across the country to take part in administering the COVID-19 vaccine over the coming months.

* Opal fever has taken over and a small town in the region is playing its role.

* Respected local theatre director and producer Marilyn Harris says the time has come to take her final bow for her leading role at Theatre 44, and is on the lookout for a protege.

* Netball is returning for 2021 in the form of shorter seasons, with a junior boy’s competition and a continued search for umpires.