Saturday 6 June 2020


Saturday 6 June 2020




* This week the Barrier Truth caught up with 2Dry FM DJ Eliza South to find out all about her Country music program The Hoedown with Eliza-Jayne and her long and winding road to Broken Hill.

* Menindee is ready to celebrate a big long weekend now that the travel rules are off and everyone is welcome to see the river and lakes at last.

* Gyms, pools and dance studios are set to reopen across Broken Hill but it will still be a while before things get back to the good old days; if ever. * Broken Hill is on the right track with COVID-19 precautions as there continues to be no new cases.

* Broken Hill’s soon-to-be favourite Big Brother housemate, Mat Garrick, will grace our screens this Monday when the show premieres. * There is so much more to children’s play than meets the eye, as Broken Hill Public School kindergarten teachers Ashleigh Vassel and Bonny Zacharia are demonstrating in their revamped designated Play-based Learning room.

* The Broken Hill Small Business Association is asking for a rental relief package for struggling local businesses. * Ivanhoe had been treated badly by the State Government which this week closed the township’s biggest employer, its jail, earlier than scheduled, said local MP Roy Butler. * Pubs and clubs are slowly opening back up to the public after COVID-19 restrictions officially eased. * Places of worship are once again open to the public with the Catholic Church, Anglican Church and Church of Christ opening their doors to their congregations.

* Broken Hill AFL is saying “you littler Ripper” after the donation of a motorised buggy for use as an emergency ambulance at the Jubilee Oval.