Saturday 9 May 2020


Barrier Daily Truth Saturday 9 May 2020




* The coronavirus has shown that working from home works well and that meant public servants did not have to be in Sydney and could do their jobs just as well in the bush, according to local MP Roy Butler.

* Broken Hillite Mat Garrick is set to appear in the upcoming series of Big Brother, the second local lad to enter the Big Brother house.

* One of the driving forces behind a golden era of film-making in the Silver City during the 1970s has been lost to Broken Hill.

* The generous support shown by the community to the Far West LHD and its staff during COVID-19 has included our local mining companies.

* Water is being sold to foreign companies but government has little interest in examining the implication for the nation or ensuring that irrigators in the northern basin are not taking more than their share, according to two reports released this week.

* The lakes at Menindee are looking good and a local has been posting photographs on the internet for the benefit of Broken Hill.

* A piece of Menindee and Broken Hill history will not be demolished, Essential Energy and Water said yesterday. * The $3m Jubilee Oval project is almost complete and the AFL Board have announced they will be selling pickets on the new Oval white picket fence to raise funds to cover mounting maintenance costs.

* Due to the coronavirus, the RK Sanderson Stadium has had its doors closed since mid-March but the lights will be back on main court this Saturday night to pay tribute to the success of the 2019/20 season.

* Last weekend the South Broken Hill Football Club hosted a $10,000 Cash Draw as a raffle fundraiser for the club.