Thursday 10 January 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Thursday 10 January 2019



IN THIS EDITION: * Investigations are continuing after human remains were discovered about 150km south of Ivanhoe on the weekend.
* See our double-page spread of all the action on the Minister for Primary Industries and Regional Water Niall Blair’s “about-face” in a boat on the Darling River at Menindee yesterday.
* The red alert warning for blue-green algae in the Darling River widens. See PAGE 3 for the areas now affected.
* According to one person, it seems some recent roadwork has been less than satisfactory. Is it your street?
* Finally some good news about water restrictions.
* Do you know how many babies were born at the Broken Hill Hospital in 2018, and which gender predominated? And is your baby’s name in the top 10 in Australia for 2018? Find out on PAGE 3, where you will also meet Broken Hill’s very own, very cute Christmas baby.