Thursday 26 July 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Thursday 26 July 2018




* The proposed amendments to Council’s fees and charges that were on public display are set to be adopted, with the first to be an increase in fees for businesses dumping commercial quantities of waste…. “Since the fee has been adopted and put in place from 1 July 2018,” the report stated, “there have been a number of business that have contacted Council with concerns about the increase and that they were unware of the proposed increase as it did not form a part of the original Schedule of Fees and Charges that was placed on 28 days public display.

* Despite an alternative being offered by Councillor Tom Kennedy, councillors voted against allowing the mural on Nachiappan’s Surgery to remain. The mural on Nachiappan’s Surgery rear wall has caused many issues after it was started without a development application and Heritage Impact Statement.

* An expert of the city’s street names has offered a couple of suggestions on how Broken Hill can honour the late Pro Hart. Canberra has become the fourth city in Australia to name a street after Broken Hill’s most-celebrated artist, but his hometown has yet to pay tribute to him in the same, permanent manner.

* fifty-year-old Scotsman by the name of Maurice McDonald has just passed through Broken Hill, one of the many stops on his solo motorbike journey around the world…. “Looking through the lens of a camera, I was watching everyone else have a good time and I thought it was time I had a good time,” he said.