Thursday 6 September 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Thursday 6 September 2018




* Longtime cricket volunteer Denis Watts was honoured at last night’s Broken Hill Volunteer Awards held at the Civic Centre. Watts took home the top Nydia Edes Award for his services to cricket and sport in general over very many years. More on Denis and other award winners PAGE 2.

* Three flights from Mildura were believed to have been delayed on Sunday night after the runway lights failed at the Broken Hill Airport, according to Rex Airlines. One flight that left for Broken Hill at 6.20pm had to turn back after learning of the problem, the company said. Passengers were then put on buses to ensure that they were able to get home that night. FULL STORY PAGE 5.

* A claim that a cotton company built dams and channels on the Barwon-Darling river without government approval was false and misleading, according to the Parliamentary Secretary for Western NSW, Rick Colless. FULL STORY PAGE 3.

* The Penrose Park Picnic Train’s annual fundraiser is in support of Gary Horton who was seriously injured in a car accident this year. Each year the Picnic Train hosts a fundraising event for a deserving person or organisation in the city. Gary Horton was severely injured in a car accident on July 6 and has since been transferred to the Royal Adelaide Hospital’s Acute Rehab ward. DETAILS PAGE 5.

* Farmers in NSW will get free rego on their heavy vehicles for the next two years as part of a $113 million drought assistance package.