Tuesday 12 March 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Tuesday 12 March 2019




* Sorry girls, one of Broken Hill’s most famous sons is officially ‘off the market’. STORY: BACK PAGE

* What’s spectacularly coloured and sits on a rock around Mutawintji? A rare local reptile will be the focus of researchers tonight, when they hold an information session open to all interested, but especially those who may have encountered the glamorous creature. DETAILS: PAGE 5.

* An in-depth submission regarding the development of a cultural hub given to City Council by a local has been praised by a several councillors. The comprehensive and detailed document offers alternative development solutions to the ones proposed so far.

* A new report explaining the dwindling flows in the Darling River will be presented at a public meeting on Thursday evening.

* Four local eight-ball players will represent Australia on the world stage at the 2019 Blackball Nations Cup to be held in Cyprus later this year.