Tuesday 13 August 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Tuesday 13 August 2019




* A car mechanic who was caught with four kilograms of cannabis and an unregistered semi-automatic rifle in his home was yesterday fined and sentenced in the Local Court. FULL STORY: PAGE 3

* The sixth annual trivia night is on again this weekend to help local cyclists raise funds for the SA Ride for Sick Kids. Later this year they will embark on a seven-day journey covering 1,000 kilometres. DETAILS: PAGE 5

* In recent Police matters, a Broken Hill man has received a Court Attendance Notice for failing to leave a licensed premises and throwing several punches at police officers; and in a separate incident, a 17-year-old was fined for using fake identification to enter a licensed premises.

* Could it be Joan Baez? A photograph from the very first Eisteddfod conjures memories of the protest song era. I wonder what song the folky duo sang on that day. SEE PAGE 4