Tuesday 13 November 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Tuesday 13 November 2018




* Police responded to two serious domestic violence incidents in the past week, one involving an ad-hoc “flame thrower”. Police said an argument between a Broken Hill man, 32, and his sister and ex-partner escalated on Sunday morning. Police allege the man has forced the heads of the two women together and then used an aerosol can and a lighter to make a “flame thrower”. FULL STORY: PAGE 5.

* The Silverton Hotel is on the market after owners Peter and Patsy Price announced the pub sale yesterday. They have renovated the pub and entertained tourists and locals alike over the past nine years. The pair have decided it’s now time to focus on themselves and family. FULL STORY: PAGE 3.

* Read all about the action-packed final of the Silver City Bowling Association Pennant, played at the Zinc between the Minor Premier Zinc and North Blue on Saturday. What a final it was – the likes of which has not been seen in Broken Hill for decades. BACK PAGE.

* A special inquiry examining the impacts of the drug ice will look at ways to combat the destructive” threat it poses to NSW communities. The NSW government on Monday announced a special commission of inquiry into crystal methamphetamine, to report on the prevalence and impact of the drug and examine ways to stop it from being manufactured. DETAILS: PAGE 2.