Wednesday 1 May 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Wednesday 1 May 2019




* Local state MP Roy Butler has vowed to fight “tooth and nail” to prevent spending cuts in the electorate after it was revealed the NSW Government’s budget surplus was much lower than previously stated.

* You never know where your newspaper will lob, as Kay Purtill found out after having trees removed from the front of her house in Mercury Street.

* Tomorrow the Broken Hill Maternity Unit will celebrate International Midwives Day with a team-building workshop – and cake.

* The driver of a van in which more than a million dollars’ worth of cannabis was found intended to plead guilty, his lawyer told the Local Court yesterday.

* A drunk man who walked into a stranger’s house and made himself at home only retreated when the owner challenged him to a wrestling match.

* City Council’s decision to not swap the police station with the Visitor Information Centre still has one councillor concerned about the VIC moving to the new Cultural Hub.