Wednesday 22 August 2018


Barrier Daily Truth Wednesday 22 August 2018

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* See front and page 2 pics of all the drama and action at yesterday’s verse-speaking events at the local Eisteddfod.
*The NSW Government appeared to have little interest in restoring a resident magistrate to Broken Hill, according to the Shadow Attorney General, Paul Lynch… The Attorney General, Mark Speakman, stated in a letter to the president of the NSW Law Society in May that the government was looking at properties for sale but it would take time to inspect them and get legal advice.
* Red Sand Yoga is setting up shop in the ESTR Gym under instructor Martha Gouniai who has now started offering classes to keen locals. After a full house at her free workshop last Sunday, Ms Gouniai will be holding classes again this Friday at 5.30pm.
* Local Allein Morrison yesterday left out a bucket of water for the emus, and in return an emu left a 1938 penny for the favour.