Wednesday 23 September 2020


Barrier Truth Wednesday 23 September 2020




* The Menindee Lakes Water Saving Project is now part of a NSW Parliamentary Inquiry into the government’s decision to build more dams in the Murray-Darling Basin.

* After weeks of locals hoping for the South Australian Premier to open the SA border to Broken Hill, it was announced yesterday that the border would in fact open to all of NSW on Thursday.

* The City is losing out on potential tourist dollars, according to some businesses, because the Visitor Information Centre (VIC) hours are not sufficient to capitalise on the cashed-up tourists currently pouring into the region.

* A waste repository won’t negatively impact Broken Hill as it is one of the most contaminated city’s in Australia, according to environmental lawyer and QC, Simon Molesworth.

* Menindee’s sizzling start propelled the Yabbies to a 40-18 Musicians Club Outback Rugby League Senior Men’s Grand Final success on Saturday in Broken Hill against a gallant Parntu Warriors.