Wednesday 3 April 2019


Barrier Daily Truth Wednesday 3 April 2019



* The 58-year-old Silverlea school for children with intellectual disabilities has been knocked back by the government for a grant that it desperately needs to stay open.

* Irrigators in northern NSW are under investigation for allegedly pumping from the first flush of water coming down the river from the recent rain.

* Perilya is to trial a ‘seven days on/seven off’ roster at the reopened North Mine.

* City Council is offering cash vouchers to encourage more children to play sport. It is making 260 of the $25 vouchers available.

* Three talented young netballers have been chosen to join specialised academies to help further their careers.

* The Outback Rugby League says it will to “whatever we can” to keep the sport alive but first it needs more players. Broken Hill’s two clubs have withdrawn because they could not field teams.