Wednesday 5 February 2020


Barrier Daily Truth Wednesday 5 February 2020




* City Council has lodged its development application to the Joint Regional Planning Panel for the city’s Cultural Hub.

* With the search for a new lessee for the Airport Kiosk still underway City Council’s property manager, First National Broken Hill, has said all efforts were being made to bring about a successful result quickly.

* A bookmark about stroke has helped a local woman recognise the illness in herself.

* Taking precautions against flu-like illnesses is the best way to target the Coronavirus “hysteria”, according to a local doctor.

* Two researchers who have for years revealed the facts behind the destruction of the Darling River are now using their expertise to help people in their battle for justice.

* Men’s netball will soon be a thing in Broken Hill, with the Broken Hill Netball Association opening up registration this season for an all-male competition.

* Rick Howse and Adam Commons will be home soon with second place trophies from the 2020 Australasian Sidecar Championships in New Zealand.